Special Purpose Machines (SPMs)

Automation Technologies, Bangalore

Utilizing our in-house technical capability both in mechanical and electrical engineering we design and build innovative special purpose machines to solve complex production problems and automation needs.
We offer the complete process from initial design concept phase to final finished machine which includes the following process - understanding of complete process which helps for preparing the better conceptual design, production drawings, fabrication, assembly and installation at customer location. The In-service repair and maintenance related issues is also considered during the development of design phase.

Special Purpose Machines (SPMs), Automation Technologies, Bengaluru Unit

The solutions we provide include stand-alone single operation machine, integration of new system into existing production lines and design of complete new process system with automation.
Most special purpose machines contain fabricated parts, the selection of materials differ according to particular domain/sector and industrial application standards. Our special purpose machines often integrate with sensors, vision systems, servo, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based control systems, electro-mechanical devices, and pneumatic systems to increase performance efficiency, quality, and speed up the process.

Some of our special purpose machines are but not limited to :

  • Bottle cap filling and tightening
  • OCR Based label orientation Checking and rejection system
  • Auger filling machines
  • Capsule box tilting machine
  • Inkjet printing system