Automation Systems

Automation Technologies, Bangalore

The Products can be sorted, diverted or merged by barcode reader, scanner, counters, sensors, size, RFID data, image recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) etc. and it is done through using diverter arms, pushers, pneumatics, electro-mechanical components, camera/vision system etc.

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The Artificial Intelligence(AI) based vision systems are used in case of complex or time consuming applications. The process involves developing of Deep Learning model and trained with multiple sets of data.

Automation Systems Assembly & Accessories, Automation Technologies, Bengaluru Unit

The Automation process is done through PLC and HMI screen is supplied which make it easier for operators to run a system and also easier for troubleshooting problems. The use of PLC allows for any changes to be made quickly through telephone support or by taking remote control and without a PLC engineer visiting onsite.

We offer complete automation systems from a simple to complex problems for wide variety of industrial applications.

Some of our automation solutions are but not limited to:

  • Customized pouch packaging machines
  • Bottle labelling
  • Counting of products from multiple lines
  • Process automation systems
  • Pick and Place systems
  • Products (carton box/crates etc.) sorting
  • Products diversion to associated lines
  • Merge products from multiple lines
  • Track and trace of associated products etc.

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